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An essential piece of equipment for the cat owner is the cat carrier or basket. There will always be a need for a secure container to confine your cat safely for trips away and journeys to the vet’s surgery. Under no circumstances consider allowing your cat to be loose in the car, no matter how placid his character. Accidents do happen and should you need to brake hard or, worse still, be involved in a collision, your cat would be much safer in a carrier that has been secured with a seatbelt.

The ideal carrier is strong and relatively lightweight (some can become extremely heavy once your cat is inside). It also needs to be secure (avoid the cardboard variety) and easily cleanable. Baskets with an opening at the top are preferable as this enables you to lower your cat in from above, always an easier manoeuvre if there is any degree of reluctance. A lining of plastic sheeting, newspaper and then a towel or washable blanket will be sufficient to deal with any toilet mishaps en route.

It’s now possible to get lightweight carriers that look like holdalls with fabric mesh at the front that are easy to carry and can be folded and stored flat. Larger breeds can be accommodated by using one of the more substantial designs for dogs with wheels fitted, although quite how happy a cat would feel being dragged along on rough terrain is debateable!

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Got a question? My Feline FAQs and Free Guides page answers some of the most commonly asked questions and gives you access to some great advice in my free cat behaviour guides.

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