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Cats love to play – it is an inherent part of their make-up; it is hunting practice, can represent an opportunity for social contact and is especially important for house cats. However, a bunch of brightly coloured expensive toys from a pet shop stuck in a basket in the corner of the room won’t necessarily comprise the ‘right’ toys. You should choose things that best mirror a cat’s natural prey – for example real fur toys of a similar size to the average shrew. Toys that move eg anything dangling from a fishing rod that you can agitate in front of him – are hard to resist. Try lacing everything with a liberal sprinkle of catnip. Many cats find this incredibly exciting and it may prompt a game.

Keeping your cat’s toys hidden away in a sealed container with a pinch of loose catnip in it and bringing them out randomly will mean they keep their novelty and will encourage your cat to play with them for years. Always make sure that any toys that make use of string or elastic are not left out for excitable individuals to drag around the house as they might get tied up in knots if left unsupervised!

Suggested Products

Guinea Feather Refill for Da Bird Cat Toy (One refill)

Your cat will love the Da Bird so much that the feather will inevitably get destroyed. Always make sure you have a handy ‘refill’.

Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy - Easy Store / Pull Apart Rod

This toy enables you to be far away from your caDa Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy - Easy Store / Pull Apart Rodt when playing – very useful for those cats who get overexcited. The two feathers move and sound like a bird and represent an irresistible target. Great exercise as well, as cats jump and twist to catch the prey.

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Got a question? My Feline FAQs and Free Guides page answers some of the most commonly asked questions and gives you access to some great advice in my free cat behaviour guides.

Cat Dancer Products Original Interactive Cat Toy

This interactive toy can either be played by you or stuck to a surface where it will move on its own in response to your cat’s pounces. The cardboard rolls at the end move erratically on the wire and mimic the behaviour of a butterfly. Simple but very popular.

Flying Frenzy Interactive Feather Cat Toy- 39" Single length Rod

This is an alternative toy to the Da Bird and just as exciting for your cat.

Yeowww Tin Of Stinkies in a Sardine Tin Cat Toy, Pack of 3

These are made by the same company as the bananas, equally exciting catnip aroma and small enough to flick into the air!

Yeowww Banana Singles Cat Toy

This catnip toy is strong enough to cope with lots of chewing and kicking as cats love the smell and texture. Keep it out of reach in a sealed bag and bring it out as a treat to maintain its appeal.

Dr Stuarts Valarian Plus Herbal Tea

Valarian can be as attractive to cats as catnip and can have similar effects! Simply open the teabags and sprinkle the loose herb around, or put it in a sealed bag containing your cat's toys and allow the toys to infuse with the smell of the herb! It can be combined with catnip.

Yeowww Catnip Bags, 1 oz

Use this highly potent catnip to refresh existing toys or just sprinkle on the floor for your cat to lick, roll around and generally enjoy.

Kong Cat Toy Hugga Wubba Teaser

A lovely alternative to the Kong Wubba Mouse for Cats

Kong Wubba Mouse for Cat

A great toy to grab and kick as the legs move around and cause even more excitement.

Kong Puppy Teething Stick, Small

This can be a useful distraction toy for those cats who tend to chew objects such as clothing or cables. It is made of extremely durable rubber and can be chewed without fear that it will be destroyed (always allow your cat to use this under supervision only). If biscuits or paste is inserted into the ridges on the stick it will encourage use.

Kong Kickeroo

This is a great grab and kick toy, large enough to really wrap paws around and kick like crazy.

Furry Mice Cat Toy (Contains 10)

Cats find it hard to resist toys that look, feel and smell like the real thing.

Cat Tunnel with 2 Pop Out Holes

Cats like to play around and inside things when they play with each other so this is a great way to encourage this to happen. The tunnel collapses into a small concertina to store away when not in use.

Trixie 4128 Catch the Light Laser Pointer

A wonderful way to play with your cat and get him chasing around!
NB: Please do not point this in your cat's eyes.

Ancol Acticat Cat Play Tunnel

Here is another option for a play tunnel, just as much fun for a cat on its own with a few toys or treats hidden inside.

10 x Hedgehog Balls (3 cm)

Popular to bite and toss into the air or pat around on the floor; the movement of the tiny rubber spikes is very exciting.

Super Sound Catnip Mouse Cat Toy, toys

Your cat will be fascinated by the texture and sound of this furry, chirruping mouse!

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