Cat Behaviour Consultation

Unique and Special

Every cat is unique and every relationship between owner and pet is special. This is always uppermost in my mind when I visit my clients and help them address the problems they are experiencing with their cats.


My work is about the passion I have for the domestic cat as a species and the respect I have for their need to behave naturally and instinctively. Problems can often be resolved by adopting an approach that allows the cat the freedom to do just that.

Individual Needs

All cat behaviour therapy programmes are designed specifically for the individual client; taking into account many different practical considerations including lifestyle and layout of the home. Subtle interactive and environmental changes are put in place that will help to modify the cat's behaviour. I may also recommend some easy step-by-step training in some situations.

Restoring the owner/cat relationship

All suggestions are based on knowledge and understanding of cat behaviour and the humab-cat bond. However, I never forget that cat ownership is all about mutual pleasure and I will always incorporate an element of fun into all therapy programmes. The relationship between owner and cat can be damaged when behavioural problems develop and the introduction of play and "quality time" helps to restore harmony. Clients often comment that the programmes are extremely enjoyable. Most of all they feel that their relationships with their cats improve as a result of a better understanding between them. That is fundamentally what it is all about!

My Consultation Services

Home Consultation

Home consultations take place on referral from veterinary surgeons only and deal with many different behaviours, including:

  • Urine Spraying
  • House soiling
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Any other behaviour that conflicts with the owner's expectations

The home consultation service includes:

  • A consultation in the home lasting approximately two to three hours
  • A holistic approach to therapy, exploring diet, temperament, lifestyle and relationships
  • A comprehensive written report including history, explanation of the behaviour and a detailed behaviour modification programme tailored to the client's individual needs
  • A written report to the referring veterinary surgeon
  • Continued client support via email or telephone
  • Continued liaison with the veterinary surgeon (if applicable)

Some problems require both medical and behavioural treatment and I always work closely with the referring veterinary surgeon to provide the best possible combination of medication, diet and behaviour therapy.

Fees and Insurance

Fees for home consultations vary according to your location in the UK and I would be happy to provide you with a quotation. The cost of the behaviour consultation in the home is covered by some of the larger pet insurance companies.

Telephone Advice

I also offer pre-arranged one-to-one telephone advice. It is a chargeable service and is not covered by pet insurance. This is not a substitute for the comprehensive behavioural assessment – it is a way for me to provide good generic advice about the more basic issues, such as introducing a new cat into the house, stopping a cat from scratching furniture and moving house.

Booking an Appointment for a Telephone Advice:

Email with your full name and contact telephone number and a brief description of the problem (this should include the cat's name, age, sex and breed). I will then email you back to arrange a date and time for the consultation, send a pre-consultation questionnaire for you to complete and give you details of how to make payment.


The fee for telephone advice lasting approximately 45 minutes is £60 and I do ask that payment be made in advance by cheque or bank transfer.

If you are considering making a booking please note the following:

  • I can't always get to everyone as quickly as I would like and the timescales for appointments can sometimes be fairly lengthy.
  • All appointments for both home and telephone consultations are allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • If you are unsure whether a comprehensive consultation is appropriate for your situation, please email and I will be happy to give you guidance.

If you would like to find out how others have found the consultations please visit the Testimonials page.