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Q: Our 1 year-old cat comes into our bedroom every night at around 4am and wakes us up for 'a cuddle' and to lick our ears or head. I've tried keeping the bedroom door shut but he just miaows outside the door until we get up and open it. How can I get him to stop as the lack of sleep is starting to affect me!

A: We really do let these little angels run our lives!! You will not read in any manual advice that says "you must always acknowledge and give in to your cat's demands, irrespective of the time, day or night". You are perfectly entitled to sleep and the only reason your cat is waking you is because he knows you will entertain him. Cats are often more active at dawn and dusk (and even in the middle of the night) and if you set a precedent of being there for him when he wants attention, he will demand it more and more.

I would be brave; shut your cat out at night and wear earplugs to help you ignore his demands. Perseverance at this stage will mean he will, eventually, give up.

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