Vicky Halls Cat Behaviour Counsellor

Q: Our indoor cat spends much of the day on her own whilst my husband and I are out at work. I feel sorry for her being alone for such long periods of time. Should I get another a companion cat for her?

A: I always say that cats would probably prefer another human to play with rather than another cat! Is she hasn't been brought up with another cat it may be difficult for her to accept a stranger; why would she want to share you?

You will probably find she sleeps most of the time when you are not there anyway. I would suggest that you and your husband concentrate on spending quality time with her when you are home. You can set aside time to play with her, groom her and stroke her.

You should also make sure that she has plenty to occupy herself when you aren't there, for those moments when she isn't asleep. You should read Cat Confidential and the section on indoor cats for a few tips.

Q: My cat has just lost her companion and she appears lonely - should I get another cat?

A: Your cat is probably grieving for the loss of a familiar companion and this often subsides with time as she adjusts to having the house to herself. Cats don't need the company of other cats as much as we think and you may find that she settles down after a while. Bear in mind that she is missing the cat that has died and bringing in another will not replace him. If you do decide to introduce another cat then I would suggest you try a kitten. Avoid any that are particularly bold or nervous since any extremes of personality can be difficult in multi-cat households.

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