Vicky Halls Cat Behaviour Counsellor

Q: Is it okay for my cat to sleep in the bed with me at night?

A: There are a number of cat diseases and parasites that can transfer to humans. If you worm your cat regularly and apply monthly flea control treatment to his fur then you should remain perfectly healthy. However I doubt whether you will get a good night's sleep because your cat will take up more of the bed than you do and get you up at 4am for a game!

Q: Why won't my cat use the expensive cat bed I've just bought her?

A: Unfortunately we know it's a cat bed but she doesn't! Your cat has very specific ideas about what constitutes a comfy bed and it is probably your duvet - after all if it's good enough for you...... We tend to place cat beds on the floor and this may not be the location where your cat feels safe. Cat beds can be placed on higher surfaces or located in private areas behind the sofa, inside the wardrobe or under the bed. Then it's important not to draw your cat's attention to it because cats prefer to find safe resting areas themselves. Re-locate your cat bed and place a little catnip or dry food treat inside. Alternatively invest in a radiator hammock for the winter; these make warm beds in the cold weather and many cats find them irresistible.

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