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Q: My cat hates trips to the vet, what can I do to make them easier?

A: The best way to tackle this problem is to plan ahead. The cat basket, often a trigger for a disappearing act, should be left out at all times. It should contain a warm and cozy bed and the occasional dry food treat to encourage use. Instead of a portent of doom, the basket then becomes a friendly little resting place to curl up in after a hard day. When the day comes to visit the vet it is important not to get distressed yourself. You may think you look normal as you approach your cat to attempt his capture but you probably look very threatening. Try and relax. Spraying Feliway (synthetic facial pheromone spray) in the basket half an hour before you make the journey will be comforting for your cat. If he or she cries during the trip it is best to ignore the cacophony. If you spend the whole journey reassuring your cat he or she will definitely get the impression that there is danger ahead!

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