Vicky Halls Cat Behaviour Counsellor

Q: My male cat has a habit of wandering off for two or three days at a time. He's been neutered so why does he continue to do this?

A: Some cats are more 'natural' than others and to go on hunting trips for prolonged periods is not unusual. Admittedly neutered cats tend to roam less but the density of the cat population in the area and the character of your cat will dictate how far he roams and for what period.

Sometimes this is in response to other cats in the household (or even a particularly unpleasant one next-door) and the cat is question is attempting to locate new and safer territory.

I would ensure he is microchipped and be glad that he only goes away for a couple of days. If the problem gets worse and he leaves for longer periods or you have to physically seek him out to get him back it is possible he may be establishing himself as a resident in another person's home.

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