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Trixie Cat Activity Turn Around, 22 × 33 × 18 cm

This puzzle feeder requires some dexterity to remove kibble from the base. It takes a clever cat to work out that the tubes need to be tilted for the biscuits to fall out. This is easily cleaned so wet food could be placed on the base if your cat doesn’t eat dry.

Trixie Cat Activity Slow Feed, 19 × 13 × 14 cm

This feeder encloses the biscuits in a dome with access holes big enough for a paw so the food has to be scooped out. For those cats that bolt their food this slows down the process.

Understanding cat behaviour will help you and your cat have a better relationship. Follow some real case studies in my award winning Books

Got a question? My Feline FAQs and Free Guides page answers some of the most commonly asked questions and gives you access to some great advice in my free cat behaviour guides.

Trixie Cat Activity Fantasy Board, 21X34cm

This activity board has many sections including a rectangular box containing a number of ping pong balls. If dry food is sprinkled in this container the cat has to work around the balls to pull out the biscuits.

Catit Senses Food Maze

This food maze has several levels, enabling your cat to pull biscuits out on each one or push them down to the lower level.

Aikiou Cat Stimulo

This feeder has a number of containers of varying depths that are interchangeable to make the acquisition of food easy or more challenging.

Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder Toy, ø 28 cm/14 cm

This is another alternative on the feeding theme, using the paw to pull kibble out of narrow containers.

Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board, 30 × 40 cm

The benefit of this interactive cat feeder is that it can be used for wet food as well as dry. With its five different modules it really uses all your cat's senses!

PetSafe SlimCat Feed Ball - Blue

An interactive feeder that gets your cat moving! Watch him use either his nose or paw to move the ball to allow the food to drop out of the holes

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