Support for Cat Behaviour Problems.

Are you an owner who has concerns about a cat behaviour problem?

About Vicky

I run one of the few cat-specific behaviour practices in the UK. I have been working as a Cat Behaviour Counsellor for the past 20 years, treating behaviour problems in cats.

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Every cat is unique and every relationship between owner and pet is special. This is uppermost in my mind when I visit clients and help them address any cat problems.

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FAQs & Guides

The answers given are general guidelines and are by no means intended to take the place of an individual behavioural assessment.

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Are you an owner concerned
about a cat behaviour problem?

For example, you might be experiencing a cat urinating in the house, or want to know what to do when cats are fighting. If so, I am here to help. I offer two types of consultation which means I can cater for different complexities of problem and different budgets.

Cute Cat

Behaviour programme
designed to treat your cat.

By visiting my Consultations page you can find out how to arrange a home visit when I will be able to carry out a full assessment and create a tailor-made behaviour modification programme specifically designed to treat your cat. Or you might simply want some advice over the telephone, in which case I can arrange for you to have a personal telephone consultation with me.

Cat Green Eyes

And lastly, understand more
about your cat's behaviour.

If you would simply like to understand more about your cat's behaviour, there is a wealth of information and help available to you through this website. For general advice you might want to read one of my Cat Behaviour Books. Or for answers to common cat behaviour problems please visit my Feline FAQs page and Free Guides page.

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Major Cat Welfare Project
Vicky has some exciting news!

Vicky has been a co-developer of a major welfare project since 2011 focused on unowned cats. 'Cat Friendly Homing' is an International Cat Care initiative, and the charity has asked Vicky to be co-leader in a pilot study in the UK and overseas that will be the final stage of the development of 'Cat Friendly Homing' before offering the final training and information to any organisation, large or small, caring for unowned cats.

Cat in Cage.